Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gypsy Vanner, Egyptian Arabian and Indian Pinto Pony

Another new design!  As of a couple weeks ago, I introduced the Gypsy Vanner (Drum Horse, or Gypsy Cob) to the Painted Pony Shop family!  His name is Nomad, and he has some very special features!  In addition to high quality, genuine leather ears, Nomad has a 2x thick mane, that almost envelops his neck and face, as you would see on a real Gypsy.  His mane is made from super soft black and white yarn, and alternates according to the patches on his neck.  Nomad's stick body is painted black, with a white "sock" at the end and, *drum roll please*, adorable yarn "feathering" just like the four-legged Gypsies!  It's made from the same yarn as his mane, thick and soft.  The yarn is free flowing, so when ridden, Nomad's feathers, mane and forelock billow out behind him and swirl around in the wind.  Beautiful! :) 

Two of the designs that have been revisited are Cricket the Pinto Pony and Raja the Arabian.  Raja has had a bridle makeover, so that it no longer contains any metal parts, and now sits high on the nose as a real traditional Arabian bridle would.  Available in white or red, the bridle is made from thick, decadent woven fabric trim, dripping with tassels, with smooth ribbon or shimmering gold cord reins.  Very pretty!  Cricket also has a bridle makeover, her padded nose band now comes in either "rabbit skin" or "bear skin", with plenty of beads and feathers.  As always, she has bright, colorful hand painted Indian symbols scattered across her face and neck, that are different and personalized on every horse.  Don't they look great?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Designs and Photos

I have been so neglectful of you all!  I'm so terribly sorry, but I promise I was working hard in the meantime :)  Here is the lowdown of all the fruits of my labor: I have about a zillion new designs (no, really, I counted) and because of that fact, I have been photographing like crazy.  Of course, once I have the photos, it is a rare thing for me to be satisfied with the raw images, so each and EVERY pic goes through a rigorous series of edits, resulting in an image that I may or may not be completely satisfied with.  Just for convenience's sake, I'll only share a few today, I wouldn't want to overwhelm you!!  New designs include a red road appaloosa, lipizzaner stallion, dapple greys, a tobiano (black and white) Indian pony, hunter/jumper warmblood with genuine leather bridle, a buckskin, and several re-vamped designs including the circus pony, zebra, pinto pony, and more.  Whew!! And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head!! Here are a few sneak peaks to keep you satisfied until the next photo shoot!

 In other news, I spent a day or so revamping my website.  I have been on a seemingly unending quest for the perfect design, combining elements of earthiness with freshness, appealing colors and yet with soothing tones, organic yet at the same time playful..... this is what I came up with!  I  think that I am actually quite satisfied with it, it's fresh and uncluttered, which I think is key!  And, on the "Custom Orders" page, I created a form so that you can actually design your own hobby horse!  It includes specific design options for coloring, markings, mane length and color, personalization options, bride material, etc.  Just fill it out and press "Submit"!  Cool!  It's an easy way to tell me exactly what you want in as few steps as possible.  Hooray!