Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cutest Product Tester Ever!

I *finally* have gotten around to putting together a short video that demonstrates some of the fun that can be had with my Painted Ponies!  My model is actually a little under the age limit I give for my horses, but she had supervision by multiple adults - and I tell ya, she was born to ride horses, be it wooden or live!  What a great job she did :)  Her Mommy is a friend of mine, who picked up the special steed at the American Folk Festival, in August of last year, and has been waiting for her little girl to be big enough to use it.  She sure grew into it quickly!  The horse featured in the video, "Valimar" is one of my personal favorite designs: a beautiful chestnut Arabian with gold and cream colored tasseled bridle and bells.  There is nothing cuter than watching a beautiful little girl lost in play on a gorgeous, sunny day.  Enjoy!