A Little About Me

I was one of those little girls who was absolutely obsessed with horses. Now, after years of riding and owning my own horses, I'm re-living my childhood adventures by creating unique handcrafted hobby horses. It's a way of staying in touch with my youth, and keeping my passions alive. I do all my work out of the spare bedroom of my small home, completely by myself. My horses are all completely original and special. I love what I do, and it's hard to part with every horse! My whole goal with these toys is to get kids outside, encouraging physical exercise and imaginative play.

My philosophy is that toys should encourage children to use both their minds and bodies. Stick horses encourage their young riders to make up their own adventures instead of being contained to a script, and can carry them outside into a world of exploration, exercise, and imagination. These painted ponies have become important to me because they will take whatever spark of imagination and love for adventure that a child has and nurture it - and at the same time, help to develop healthy habits. The colorful, realistic designs appeal to kids and the creative themes inspire activity. I have the privilege to work on each horse individually, instilling into it all the love I have always had for the animals & sport. My special horses are all individually handcrafted: a completely original, personal creation. They are a wonderful toy, a unique gift, and potential for the very best of friends.