Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Progression of a Theme

Two versions of my original design, "Bud" The Clydesdale Horse.

This is a photo comparison that I uploaded to my Facebook page a while back, to illustrate a couple of key points that are at the core of my work and integral to all of my hobby horse designs.

First, that each of my designs are completely unique. I am able to say that no two horses are ever alike - even if they have the same theme - because my process is always evolving and creating change. I am constantly learning with every horse I make, which creates continuous positive growth.  Besides the fact that each horse is handmade and therefore I could not make two identical if I tried, I also deliberately change small details on every single horse to ensure that they are like no other I have made before.

Second, that my ultimate goal is always realism. I think that the best way to encourage today's overstimulated  child to use their imagination is to give them something that needs very little help to become a living thing in their minds.  If they are able to form that link between the real world and the one that they can imagine for themselves,  they have created a realism in their minds and their imagination is free to carry them off into distant lands and faraway times. And THAT is the moment when a toy becomes successful :)

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