Sunday, February 13, 2011

Working on the Lipizzan....Details, Details, Details

The Official Crest of Piber - Indicates
Where the Horse was Bred

So, I started to work on my newest design, the Lipizzan after the famous white stallions of Vienna, but it just looked like another white horse to me, so blah and boring.  I thought, what is unique to a Lipizzan?  Of course, I can give it sparkly gold and red tack, and a long, thick mane, but what else?  Browsing through pictures, I came across a photo that gave me a great idea.  All purebred Lipizanns bred at Piber have a series of brands, or symbolic marks tattooed into their hide.  These include an "L" on their left cheek (you guessed it, L for Lipizzan!) as well as a series of numbers and symbols across their backs rumps to indicate registry number, dam, sire, dam's sire, and where they were bred.  So, I decided to make my little wooden Lippy match!  I "branded" an L onto his cheek with a woodburner, and I'm toying with the idea of trying to brand the stick body at the end with the official crest of Piber, as well.  I might end up deciding just to paint it on, considering how intricate it is!  But I love all the little details, I think they make my horses a little extra special :) 

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