Friday, April 8, 2011

Featured Item: DIY Stick Horse Kit

I can't beleive I never introduced you to my favorite new addition!  I created my first craft item a while back, listed it in my Etsy shop, and watched two of them fly of the (invisible, virtual) shelves within a few hours!  I had a request for a Do-It-Yourself Kit, including all of the necessary items to make one's very own personal hobby horse.  So, I created one! 

Kit Includes:
(1) Handcrafted pine stick horse head
*with 1-inch hole for dowel
*woodburned (signed) by the artist

(1) Pre-assembled, extra soft yarn mane
*forelock portion seperated for easy attachment
*your choice of color: black, cream, white, tan, grey, brown, black/grey mix, brown/red mix

(2) Pre-assembled faux leather ears
*handstitched at the base for quality
*your choice of color: black, brown, white

(1) Three foot section of rein material
*your choice of material: ribbon, twine, rawhide

You Will Need:
1" diameter wooden dowel
glue for the ears and stick
acrylic paint

This has been by far one of my most popular items, due to the lower price bracket and hands-on capabilities.  It comes wrapped up in an adorable white box, tied with a bow, all ready to give as a gift.  Here is a review of the kit from my wonderful customer, Natalie Emery of Georgia, USA:
"The [stick horse kit] package came Saturday and we painted and put it all together yesterday. My daughter is thrilled ...She loves her. Thank you for such a delightful idea and creating a kit so we could build her together."
Special items can be requested for the kits, including 'Decadent Lavender Reins', leather ears, and fringed bridle material.  Custom colors for ears, mane, etc are also available.  What a great weekend project!  Listing is available in my Etsy Shop!



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