Friday, April 22, 2011

What a Day for a Ride!!

Rajah paying rapt attention

Cora trotting in warm up
Finally, nice weather is here!  After trudging through snowbanks and tiptoeing across ice for MONTHS, the weather has finally submitted to the fact that spring has sprung.  I took advantage of the opportunity and rode for a couple hours the first nice day that we had, which was today!!  My horses are *so* happy to be back in action, and despite both Cora and me being completely rusty, we broke out some nice lengthened trot and a touch of half-pass, all while staying in a nice frame.  So happy!  Rajah was excited to watch us, prancing around with his head lifted watching the show.  I hope everyone else had such a fantastic day!  Back in the saddle again!  :)

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