Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Custom Order! ~**~ Meet Annabelle!~**~

I wanted to give an example of some custom work that I can do!  Meeting the customer's needs is of utmost importance to me, and I love to do custom orders, because it helps me to break out of the box a little and be experimental and creative! Hearing the consumer's ideas and design concepts helps me to plan for more marketable products in the future, and usually gets my wheels turning and a brainstorm brewing. 

I just received an order for a version of Lady, the Circus horse.  The little girl's favorite color was emerald green, to be incorporated into the bridle, along with shimmering gold accents and decadent gold tassel reins.  The soon-to-be new owner is young enough that maybe having a plume wouldn't be such a good idea, she may have perhaps wanted to pull it off and do a little redesigning of her own!  So, these, along with other color specifications of a dapple grey coat with a coordinating  creamy mane, went into the creation of my latest custom order:  Annabelle!   Annabelle is going out in the mail today, I hope her new owner will have her for many wonderful years to come!  Congratulations!

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