Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Designs! Thoroughbreds, Lippizans, and Donkeys, Oh My!

I have a head full of new ideas!  Thanks to a special request, I'll now be offering DIY Stick Horse Kits - so you can enjoy the creative process, personalize your horse, and have all the fun with only half the work!  I provide the head, with hole drilled, and signed by me (woodburned), a pre-assembled mane in your choice of color, ear material and pattern, and rein material if you'd like.  All you need is some acrylic paint, hot glue, a 1-inch dowel, and a bit of imagination to put it together! 

I'm really excited about all the new horse designs I've been dreaming up lately!  I've got big plans for a racehorse (named after my own tightly wound Thoroughbred, Cora), with a removeable felt hood, rein covers, and a rolled noseband.  I'm feeling like a lot of bright primary colors and pizzaz for this girl!

The next design I have in mind is for a Lippizan, modeled after the stately stallions of Vienna.  They have a beautifully luxe, red and gold theme, with perfectly groomed coats, manes, and tails.  All the tack is ornate and detailed, really breathtaking!  I might even try including a martingale (collar), not sure how that will work out with a stick body, but I'm willing to try!  I think kids would feel really special riding around on a toy modeled after these famous dancers.

Switching speeds, the last design I've been tossing around is for an adorable, rustic donkey, with a scruffy mane and primitive twine bridle.  I think donkeys are so cute!   I'm going to give him a nice blue-gray coat, with white accents on the face and big, soulful brown eyes.....oh yeah, and GIANT ears!  Look at that face - he's gonna be a heartbreaker! 

I want to know what you think....what's your favorite idea?  I'd love some input, feel free to comment! :)


  1. I love the idea of a DIY kit! People can personalize their ponies and you can save time/money on labor! Brilliant. :) Also great idea for adding Cora, with all her accessories she'll definitely be a hit with children of adults who are around horses a lot!

    Can't wait to see!

  2. I love the diy kit too! but of the new designs... the donkey would definitely be my favorite :)