Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work In Progress!

A while ago I posted that I was working on a design for a race horse, with all kinds of fun removeable tack.  Well, I started, and she looks pretty good!  So far, Cora has a removeable grey and green felt hood, complete with bright cupped blinders, green trim, and contrast stitching, with her running number (7) stitched front and center on the hood.  She also has a bright yellow shadow roll and brass bit rings, with smooth white ribbon reins.  And, her super thick black yarn mane is just so soft to the touch!  What do you think?  I'm thinking about changing the shape of the shadow roll, lengthening the reins, and adding green and/or yellow rein covers to go over the part that would be held....white gets so dirty!  Plus, a little extra color is never a bad thing!  Underneath all the tack, Cora is a nice dark brown (almost black!) with eyes and nose outlined in a smooth chocolately color.  She has a bold white star, that leads into a strip, that leads into a snip!  Great markings!  I can't wait to see how she turns out when she's finished, she is going to make some little kid (or adult) very happy!

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